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Altitude Aerospace Interiors was contracted to design, manufacture and deliver a new Business Class 'lounge and bar zone' during the cabin refresh of Virgin Australia's Boeing 777-300ER aircraft fleet. 

The zone had to align with, and portray, Virgin Australia's innovative brand; provide an inspirational 'welcome' as passengers boarded the plane; and serve as bar and lounge area for passengers during a flight. Delivering an exceptional user experience for the crew and passengers was critical, as were constraints including material flammability restrictions, weight, stowage capacity, and footprint.

Altitude produced the initial concept, and worked alongside Tangerine to develop the final concept and material / colour / finishing selections. Several full-scale mock-ups were produced in Auckland, New Zealand, to test usability, functionality, space constraints and movement, and to gain final sign-off on lighting, trim, and material finish details. 

The units were manufactured on a small scale production run, and the new Business Class Bar & Lounge was launched on 16 May 2016. A virtual walk through is available on Google Maps.




Virgin Australia


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