As part of the interior development of China Eastern's new fleet of Boeing 777-300ER aircraft, Altitude Aerospace Interiors was contracted to design and manufacture the First Class Bar / Stowage unit for passengers' carry-on luggage and personal items. 

Being located in the First-Class cabin, it was paramount that the unit was executed perfectly; it delivered an exceptional user experience to cabin crew; and its aesthetics aligned harmoniously with the First Class cabin designed by Teague. Additional constraints included material flammability restrictions, weight, stowage capacity, safety regulations, emergency floor lighting provisions, and footprint.

An innovative and bespoke handle and drawer pull was designed, engineered, and manufactured specifically, which enabled the unit to maintain its strong design integrity while adhering to strict load-bearing restrictions.

The stowage unit was manufactured on a small scale production run of 20, and China Eastern took delivery of their first new 777-300ER aircraft featuring the unit in September 2014.




China Eastern Airlines


Altitude Aerospace Interiors, Teague


Industrial Design Lead

Personal Deliverables

Concept, CAD, Detail Design, CMF, Production Unit Inspection