self identity

A launch into the freelance industry required a new brand identity to capture the multidisciplinary nature of my work. A two-dimensional mark created from the intersection of geometric shapes evolves into a three-dimensional depiction of materiality and form, representing the fluidity between design disciplines. The identity references the continual tension and balance so integral in my work; form and function; light and dark; simplicity and complexity; minimalism and decoration.



Kate Cameron-Donald


Concept, Identity, CAD

Logo_Final-grey background_2.0.jpg
KCD 3D_3.0_Drawing_millenial PINK rectangle-01.jpg
KCD logo-black marble & brushed brass.367.jpg
KCD logo-black acrylic & marble.395.jpg
KCD logo-TOP - pink acrylic & brushed brass.396.jpg
KCD logo-light wood & black marble-white marble background.402.jpg
KCD logo-TOP - pink acrylic & brushed brass.390.jpg