The Flight of the Kea collection is now up for sale via tender process. All offers received before 5pm Friday 22nd June will be considered. Contact hello@katecamerondonald.com for further information.

The 'Flight of the Kea' collection was designed and handmade for the Design Junkies television series as the 'masterpiece' for the final episode. 

It is a collection that merges the realms of art and design, and comprises five components. 'Flight of the Kea' is inspired by the inherent beauty of the world’s only true alpine parrot, the nationally-endangered New Zealand Kea. The Kea was listed as New Zealand’s Bird of the Year in 2017; an important step in raising awareness about its declining population.

‘Flight of the Kea’ celebrates colour, materiality and pattern, and is the result of a melting pot of influence; mid-century modern furniture, Japanese art, and the nature of the reclaimed materials used - woven together with Kate’s personal style and contemporary aesthetic. The painting, sideboard, upholstered bench seat and two stools have been designed as a cohesive collection, as well as to work individually.

The colour palette is based upon the secret rainbow of feathers exposed when the Kea is in flight. Each piece in the collection utilises different construction techniques and materials. All the timber used in the furniture is reclaimed Rimu salvaged from a barn in the Wairarapa. The antique glass panels are from a local villa, and the leather has been sourced from factory offcuts and upcycled leather goods.



Design Junkies


Concept, Design, Construction


Cabinet: 121cm L  x 39cm D x 75cm H

Bench Seat: 95cm L x 34cm D x 48.5cm H

Stools: 38.5cm Diameter x 45cm H

Painting: 78cm Diameter

Flight of the Kea-1
Flight of the Kea_Painting
Flight of the Kea-2
Flight of the Kea-3
Flight of the Kea_Stool detail
Flight of the Kea_Stools_1
Flight of the Kea_Stools_2